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When there are multiple versions of a game, I tend to prefer the most original release. This has been my principle for what I play on Data Driven Gamer, and is also of personal interest. Usually, this can be discerned by examining the release dates, or through common sense (e.g. many games are converted from arcades to consoles, but few the other way around). Other times, notes from the developers have been invaluable.

I have some extensive notes on what I know, and more importantly, on what I don't know, and will be posting these on occasion. I am seeking feedback. These posts will be organized by developer, first listing the major outstanding questions, and then listing a selection of their games in chronological order, noting the lead platform of each where known. I invite any information pertaining to the games where I don't know the lead platform, or corrections to games where I listed it and am mistaken.

If nothing else, the chronologies may entertain people like me who enjoy spreadsheets, video games, and spreadsheets about video games.

Midway (9 unknowns)

Nintendo R&D1 (2 unknowns)

Parker Brothers (3 unknowns)

Konami (2 unknowns)

Epyx (4 unknowns)

Synergistic Software (4 unknowns)

Activision (3 unknowns)

Sierra On-Line (13 unknowns)

Sir-Tech (2 unknowns)

Strategic Simulations (13 unknowns)

Evryware (1 unknown)

Tose (1 unknown)

Interplay (7 unknowns)

Beam Software (3 unknowns)

Mindscape (6 unknowns)

Hewson Consultants (5 unknowns)

Koei (8 unknowns)

MicroProse (7 unknowns)

Level 9 Computing (9 unknowns)

Electronic Arts (8 unknowns)

Origin Systems (3 unknowns)

Ocean Software (16 unknowns)

Virgin Interactive (4 unknowns)

Loriciels (7 unknowns)

Firebird Software (4 unknowns)

Rare (1 unknown)

Appaloosa Interactive (3 unknowns)

Magnetic Fields (6 unknowns)

Accolade (6 unknowns)

Infogrames (11 unknowns)

Acclaim Studios London (10 unknowns)

Gremlin Interactive (6 unknowns)

Dinamic Software (3 unknowns)

Oxford Digital Enterprises (5 unknowns)

U.S. Gold (6 unknowns)

Palace Software (3 unknowns)

Realtime Games Software (2 unknowns)

Tynesoft (7 unknowns)

Dynamix (2 unknowns)

Titus Interactive (10 unknowns)

LucasArts (7 unknowns)

Audiogenic Software (3 unknowns)

Argonaut Games (6 unknowns)

Microïds (4 unknowns)

Bethesda Softworks (5 unknowns)

Codemasters (6 unknowns)

Psygnosis (3 unknowns)

Ubisoft (8 unknowns)

Sculptured Software (3 unknowns)

EA Canada (38 unknowns)

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