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Ports of Entry: Argonaut Games

Unknown lead platform:



First released for Atari ST in October 1986

Ported to Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Commodore 64, & ZX Spectrum in 1986

Released for Amiga in 1987

Ported to PC in March 1987

Ported to Amstrad PCW in 1987


Starglider II

Released for Amiga in October 1988

Released for Atari ST in 1988

Released for Macintosh, PC, & ZX Spectrum in 1989


Days of Thunder

Released for NES in 1990 by Beam Software

Released for Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum in 1990 by Tiertex

Released for PC in 1990 by Argonaut

Released for Amiga & Atari ST in 1990 by Creative Materials

To me it seems like C64 and ZX Spectrum are based on the NES version, which uses pre-rendered pseudo-3D graphics, while Amiga and Atari ST are based on the PC version, which uses polygonal 3D graphics. The Wikipedia description suggests to me that NES is the original design, having began internally at Mindscape before being outsourced to Beam to finish.



Released for PC, PS2, & XBox in October 2003

Ported to Gamecube in September 2003

Released for XBox in December 2003

Ported to Macintosh in December 2004

Interestingly, the Gamecube version has the earliest release date, but is listed as a port, credited to Coyote Developments.



First released for PC in September 2003

Released for PS2 in November 2003

Released for XBox in December 2003

Ported to Gamecube in 2003


Mobygames's original PC release is listed as Finland exclusive, which seems a little unlikely.



Released for Gamecube, PC, PS2, & XBox in September 2004


Select chronology:  

Title Lead platform Date Contemporary ports
Starglider ??? 1986-10 First released for Atari ST
Same-year ports to Amstrad CPC, Apple II, C64, & ZX Spectrum
1987 release on Amiga
1987 ports to Amstrad PCW & PC
Starglider II ??? 1988-10 Same-quarter releases on Amiga & Atari ST
1989 releases for Mac, PC, & ZX Spectrum
Days of Thunder ??? 1990 Same-year releases on Amiga, Atari ST, C64, NES, PC, & ZX Spectrum
Star Fox SNES 2/21/1993
Creature Shock DOS 1994
FX Fighter DOS 6/13/1995
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos PlayStation 9/29/1997 Same-year port to Saturn
1998 port to PC
Croc 2 PlayStation 7/28/1999 2000 port to PC
Alien: Resurrection PlayStation 10/11/2000
Independence War 2: Edge Of
Windows 6/28/2001
Bionicle ??? 9/1/2003 Same-quarter releases on PC, PS2, & Xbox
Same-quarter port to Gamecube, released before others
2004 port to Macintosh
I-Ninja ??? 9/9/2003 Same-quarter releases on PC, PS2, & Xbox
Same-year port to Gamecube
Catwoman ??? 7/20/2004 Simultaneous releases on Gamecube, PC, PS2, & Xbox


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