Monday, April 10, 2023

Ports of Entry: Psygnosis

Unknown lead platform:



Released for Amiga, Atari ST, & Macintosh in February 1986



First released for PS1 in September 1995

Released for PC in November 1995

Ported to Saturn in March 1996



First released for PS1 in October 1997

Released for PC in 1997


Select chronology:  

Title Lead platform Date Contemporary ports
Brataccas ??? 1986-2 Simultaneous releases on Amiga, Atari ST, & Mac
Barbarian Atari ST
1987-7 Same-year ports to Amiga & C64
1988 ports to Amstrad CPC, MSX, & ZX Spectrum
Microcosm FM Towns
1993-3 Same-year port to Sega CD
1994 ports to 3DO, CD32, & PC
Scavenger 4 / Novastorm
FM Towns
1993-11 1994 ports to 3DO, PC, & Sega CD
Ečstatica DOS 1994

WipEout ??? 1995-9 Same-year releases on PC & PS1
1996 port to Saturn
WipEout XL
PS1 9/30/1996 1997 ports to PC & Saturn
G-Police ???
1997-10 Same-year releases on PC & PS1

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  1. I played Brataccas on my Mac+ back in college, and found it unique & (mostly) enjoyable, largely due to the stellar work put in to the environment & characters. It was also rather sinister in nature, as if the player was permitted to take part in formerly forbidden themes we rarely came across in computer gaming.

    Anyway, I definitely think Brataccas worth a playthrough & review, with the caveat that whatever emulator & platform version used, that mouse input be converted to keystrokes by some option or hack. It really was the worst decision ever to set the mouse as the main controller, as it's just too wonky of an input device for something like this.


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