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Ports of Entry: Microïds

Unknown lead platform:


500 cc Grand Prix

Released for Amstrad CPC & Thomson TO in 1986

Released for Atari ST, Commodore 64, & PC in 1987

Microïds founder Elliot Grassiano is receives sole credit on the Amstrad CPC version, and shares credits with others on the ST, C64, and PC versions. Credits on the Thomson version are unavailable.


Chicago 90

Released for Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, PC, Thomson MO, & Thomson TO in 1989


Evidence: The Last Report

Released for DOS/Windows in 1996

Released for Playstation in 1997


Early development targeted the Jaguar CD, with a port planned for the Philips CD-i! Unsurprisingly, neither version ever surfaced.


Still Life

Released for PC & Xbox in April 2005


Select chronology:  

Title Lead platform Date Contemporary ports
500 cc Grand Prix ??? 1986 Same-year releases on Amstrad CPC & Thomson TO
1987 releases on Atari ST, C64, & PC
Downhill Challenge Amstrad CPC 1987 1988 ports to various computers
Chicago 90 ??? 1989 Same-year releases on various computers
Evidence: The Last Report ??? 1996 Simultaneous DOS/Windows release
1997 release on PS1
Corsairs: Conquest at Sea Windows 3/3/1999
Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana Windows 5/23/2001
Syberia Windows 5/30/2002 2003 ports to PS2 & Xbox
Post Mortem Windows 11/18/2002
Syberia II Windows 3/29/2004 Same-year ports to PS2 & Xbox
Still Life ??? 4/14/2005 Simultaneous releases on PC & Xbox

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  1. I'd say play the PC version of Still Life, as if PC is an option it is usually preferable


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