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Ports of Entry: Evryware

Unknown lead platform:

Sierra Championship Boxing

Possibly released for PC in 1983. Certainly no later than 1985.

Released for Commodore 64, and Macintosh in 1985.

Released for Apple II in 1986.


An interview with Barry and Dave Murry states that this was published for PC in 1983. But it makes no mention of other platforms, and contradicts both Mobygames and the ingame copyright date, which says 1985. My best guess is that the extant PC version is a re-release with an updated copyright, but this assumption still leaves some questions unanswered.

The interview does state, in no ambiguous terms, that this predates The Ancient Art of War, and it would be weird, though not impossible, if they remembered that incorrectly.

Select chronology: 

Title Lead platform Date Contemporary ports
Interactive Fiction: Six Micro Stories
Heath/Zenith 1980 1980 ports to Apple II and TRS-80 by Adventure International
Interactive Fiction: Dragons of Hong Kong
Heath/Zenith 1981 1981 ports to Apple II and TRS-80 by Adventure International
Sierra Championship Boxing
??? c1983
Unknown release date for PC
1985 releases on C64 and Macintosh
1986 release on Apple II
The Ancient Art of War
DOS 1984 c1984 port to Apple II
1985 port to Macintosh
The Ancient Art of War at Sea
1987-8 Same-year releases on Apple II and PC
1988 releases on Macintosh and PC-88
Manhunter: New York
DOS 1988 1988 ports to Apple II and Apple IIgs
1989 ports to Amiga, Atari ST, and Macintosh
Manhunter 2: San Francisco
DOS 1989-9 1989 ports to Atari ST and Macintosh
1990 port to Amiga
1982 port to PC
The Ancient Art of War in the Skies
DOS 1992 1993 ports to Amiga and Atari ST
DOS 1995
Space Dude
DOS 1996


  1. The Apr-May 85 issue of CGW has a feature on IBM war games which includes a review of The Ancient Art of War. In the lead part of the article it's mentioned that these are IBM only (or first) titles. And the available platforms for TAAOW are mentioned to be IBM and PCjr.

    1. Interesting. Could Mobygames be mistaken about the Apple II's 1984 release?

  2. Entirely possible. At least CGW is a contemporary source and they do make a big deal of these being IBM originals. And according to the interview, the Murrys seem to have been PC focused from very early on, so DOS being the lead platform is very likely.

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