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Ports of Entry: Nintendo R&D1

This only lists games developed by Nintendo's R&D1 development team and those predating it. Other Ports of Entry posts will cover Nintendo's other teams.

Unknown lead platform:


Dr. Mario

First released for NES and Gameboy on 7/27/1990.

Released for VS. arcade system in 1990.

Released for Playchoice-10 arcade system in 1991.

There's not much information to suggest a lead platform, and it's quite possible that there isn't one, the game concept being simple enough to be implemented independently by separate teams. The NES version is the basis of both arcade versions, though this is to be expected as they both use Famicom-based hardware.

It does seem a bit more probable that Dr. Mario's color-matching gameplay was born out of the NES than the 4-tone Gameboy, but this is speculation.

Tetris 2

First released for NES on 9/21/1993.

Released for Gameboy on December 1993.

Ported to SNES on 7/08/1994.


Select chronology: 


Arcade era:

Title Date Contemporary ports
Laser Clay Shooting System 1973
Wild Gunman 1974
EVR Race 1975
Space Fever 1979
Sheriff 1979
Radar Scope 1980
Donkey Kong 1981 1982 ports to Atari VCS, ColecoVision, and Intellivision by Coleco
Donkey Kong Junior 1982 1983 ports to various consoles
Popeye 1982 1983 ports to Atari 8-bit computers and various consoles
Mario Bros. 1983-3 1983 ports to Atari 2600 and NES
Donkey Kong 3 1983 1984 port to NES

Famicom era:

Title Date Contemporary ports
Baseball 12/7/1983 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Tennis 1/14/1984 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Pinball 2/2/1984 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Wild Gunman 2/18/1984
VS. Duck Hunt 4/21/1984 1985 port to VS. arcade system
Golf 5/1/1984 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Hogan's Alley 6/12/1984 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Urban Champion 11/14/1984 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Clu Clu Land 11/22/1984 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Excitebike 11/30/1984 1984 port to VS. arcade system
Balloon Fight 1/22/1985 1985 ports to PC-88 and Sharp X1 by Hudson Soft
Ice Climber 2/4/1985 1985 ports to VS. arcade system, PC-88, and Sharp X1
Wrecking Crew 6/18/1985 1985 port to VS. arcade system
Metroid 8/6/1986 1987 port to PlayChoice-10 arcade system
Kid Icarus 12/19/1986

4th gen:

Title Lead platform Date Contemporary ports
Alleyway Game Boy 4/21/1989
Super Mario Land Game Boy 4/21/1989
Tetris Game Boy 6/14/1989
Tetris NES 1989-11 Mobygames lists as a distinct game from the GB version
Dr. Mario ??? 7/27/1990 Simultaneous released for NES and Gameboy
1990 port to VS. arcade system
Metroid II: Return of Samus Game Boy 1991-11
Mario Paint SNES 7/14/1992
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Game Boy 10/21/1992
Tetris 2 ??? 1993 Same-quarter releases on Game Boy and NES
1994 port to SNES
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Game Boy 1/21/1994
Super Metroid SNES 3/19/1994
Wario Land II Game Boy 1998-3 1998 revision with Game Boy Color support

Gameboy Advance era:

Title Date
Wario Land 4 8/21/2001
Metroid Fusion 11/18/2002
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! 3/21/2003
Metroid: Zero Mission 2/9/2004

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  1. Fair chance NES Dr. Mario was "before" Game Boy -- the first prototype available is from 1989. The first Game Boy prototype is marked 1990. Not definitive, of course, but NES Dr. Mario is also easier, if that helps decide.

    VS. is pretty clearly a port of the NES (it tweaks by removing slow mode).


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