Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The maps of Wizardry III

These maps are based on ones originally created by Andriy Sen, provided by John Hubbard, and re-used with permission.

In Wizardry III, flagged rooms no longer indicate the possibility of finding treasure chests. Furthermore, for all intents and purposes, after visiting level 1 for the first time, there aren't any predetermined encounters except for fixed ones (and ones resulting from alarms).

Red tiles represent flagged rooms. The main effect is that kicking a door into one (or just kicking the thin air within one) has a 12.5% chance of triggering a random encounter, and that gold rewards from random encounters are doubled. As I noted in the last post, rooms can be randomly populated with predetermined encounters as in prior Wiz games, but this will only happen in level 1, and only the first time you visit from a fresh boot.

All fixed encounters are inside flagged rooms, and are marked with monster icons. Victory in a fixed encounter will deflag the entire room - the contiguous red region unbroken by walls or doors - of its fixed encounter status. For example, the fortress in level 1 is flanked on three sides by three rooms, each one a 2x4 rectangle of red tiles populated by moat monsters. Initially, stepping into any tile in the room will trigger a fight against moat monsters, but victory will clear all eight tiles of the fixed encounter flag, and not just the one you stepped in. The high corsairs, likewise, all live in a single 2x2 room. Most of the Garian Guards, however, live in 1x1 rooms, and beating them will not clear the adjacent tiles separated by doors.

Some of these maps are "shifted" to enhance readability. In these, the square at coordinates 0,0 is not placed at the origin. Some maps aren't even presented as 20x20 grids!

Level 1

Level 2

"Dark" rooms here negate your light spells but otherwise do not obscure your vision.

Level 3

Level 4

"Dark" rooms here simply conceal hidden doors. They do not negate your light spells or otherwise obscure your vision.

Stepping on an exclamation mark tile raises an alarm, and your next step will trigger a predetermined encounter.

Level 5

The dark region is proper dark this time, both extinguishing your light spell and completely blinding you, and is an anti-magic zone to boot. Technically only the perimeter is anti-magic, but the effect stays with you until you leave the floor.


Level 6

Two types of darkness exist here. The first is unindicated on the map but permeates throughout the maze. All it does is conceals hidden doors. The second type, found in the large room in the north, blinds you.

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