Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Ancient Art of War: Sherwood


Sherwood Forest is diametrically opposite of the preceding battle in multiple ways. Unlike Pharsalus, the map here is labyrinthine. The enemy starts a comfortable distance away, and you have plenty of time to size up the situation.

The Sheriff, played by Alexander the Great (a strategist formidable in the plains but vulnerable in difficult terrain), is holed up in his fortress and outnumbers you nearly 3:1, but time is on your side. 

Your merry men, all half-strength archer squads, control the farms, while the Sheriff slowly starves to death in his fort until he's forced to evacuate his combat ineffective units. Some will head for the farms, some will go for your flag, whose location is placed randomly, but none remain guarding. If you can successfully sneak one unit into the fortress while guarding your flag from whatever detachment of his half-starved dogs go after it, you win.

They disperse, leaving clear paths from the north and east.
So much for Alexander the great strategist.

Merry Men waste a tired, hungry patrol that Sheriff marched through the forest.

Well done, Robin Hood, if that is your real name *coughLocksleycough*

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  1. I like the daily battle format.
    Sherwood can be made harder or nigh impossible by changing the supply settings. It is also iirc the only map with the flag location randomized, something not possible to do with the editor.


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